RAX-2 Update — 06 Dec 2011

R2 is currently processing its second science experiment. The experiment was performed last week using the Resolute Incoherent Scatter Radar Station. Unfortunately, the space weather conditions were calm during the experiment, so we don’t expect to detect any FAI (field-aligned irregularities). We are transitioning into a state of operations where we will perform experiments with PFISR often, and the data download priorities will be for any data collected during space weather activity.

Other subsystems are continuing to perform well. The only issue we are currently pursuing is a decrease in percent of successful uplinks and dowlinks at some ground stations. This is likely due to the coupling between R2′s antenna gain pattern and spacecraft attitude. We are collecting extra attitude and GPS data this week to investigate. We have also been making some improvements to our new ground station over the last few weeks. It is operational, but some ongoing upgrades include shielding EMI from the motor and improving the pointing control. We’ll provide some more details when the work is complete.

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