Amateur Radio Beacon Info

RAX is a space weather science mission carrying an amateur radio transceiver. This enables the amateur radio community to be part of the RAX mission by assisting us with satellite tracking! We encourage all amateur radio ground stations to assist us by downloading our beacon decoding software. This Java-based software is compatible with any 9600 baud, KISS-enabled TNC and all common operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). This program provides a graphical user interface with real-time telemetry decoding. If the ground station has Internet access, the decoding software will also forward the beacon you received to our database and website so others can see what you received LIVE!

Interested in joining our ground station network? Please download the beacon decoding software and contact us with any questions!

Don’t know where RAX is? Click here to get TLEs for your prediction programs, or view RAX-2′s current location here.

RAX Telemetry System Information:

Callsign: RAX-2
Freq: 437.345MHz FM
Rate: 9600 baud
Modulation: GMSK
Transmit Interval: Every 10 seconds (changed from every 20 seconds in April 2012)
RF Power Output: 500 mW
Ant Polarization: RHCP (≥19 dBiC gain recommended for operations ≤5º elevation)

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